NICHIAS have established multiple product sales to the international train industry.

Product solutions supplied by NICHIAS vary from gaskets used in the compressed air lines for door opening systems, to fluoropolymer sliding bearing materials used in the air suspension, to magnetic composite damping materials used to prevent the generation of noise from rail and road bridges, ceramic fibres used in the brake pads of trains to thermal insulation boards installed under the train cars to protect the car's floor against direct transmission of heat generated during acceleration/deceleration.


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(A) Heat Insulation Material Made of Rock Wool


Heat insulation material made of rock wool for steel sheet ducts and various types of equipment. It is used in the ceiling and under the floor to block radiant heat and equipment-generated heat, this protecting the temperature environment in the train.

(B) High Strength Thermal insulation Board


A high strength thermal insulation board used for the hot presses and other industrial machines, and for electrical insulation in trains. It is also installed under the cars to protect the car's floor against direct transmission of heat generated during acceleration / deceleration.

(C) General Purpose Joint Sheet


this is a non-asbestos joint sheet used for piping, flanges, valves and other ancillary equipment. Doors of train cars are opened/closed using compressed air. This sheet is used to prevent air leakage in the joints of piping that delivers the compressed air.

(D) Magnetic Composite Damping Material


Magnetic composite damping material used to prevent the generation of noise from rail road and road bridges. Since it uses magnetic rubber, this material can be directly attached to a bridge surface that emits noise, thus effectively reducing noise.

(E) Fluoropolymer Sliding Bearing Material


Self lubricating fluoropolymer sliding bearing material (SLIDING PAD™) that serves as a damper for reducing the expansion / retraction or vibration of structures such as bridges and buildings. it is used for the sliding bearing material of the air suspension on the train.

(F) Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic Fibers

Ceramic fiber heat insulation material used to mix a friction material in composite materials or brake pad reinforcing materials. Due to its ability to improve the friction characteristics, it is an important constituent of brake pads on trains.