Building Materials

Raised Access Floor Systems

The raised access floor systems used in intelligent buildings create secure and comfortable office spaces - allowing for super flexibility in the positioning of electric and IT boxes.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
6473 NICHIAS OMEGA FLOOR™ Concrete (FRC) raised access floor N/A
6474, 6475 NICHIAS SIGMA FLOOR™ Calcium silicate raised access floor N/A
Fire-proofing Covering Materials

Nichias' fire-proofing covering materials come in a complete lineup of products, including winding type fire-proofing covering materials to be selected according to the working condition and fire-proofing covering materials for laminated rubber for use in base isolated buildings.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Application Data Sheet
5520 MAKIBEE™ Secure pin-to-beam fixed fire-proof blanket Column, beam N/A

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