Joint sheets are sheet-shaped gasket materials that consist of a fibrous material, a filler, and rubber, offering high flexibility. Machined to the required shapes and dimensions, they are used for piping and equipment.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Filler Data Sheet
1120 CLINSIL™Top High temperature steam Expanded graphite
1995 CLINSIL™Brown Superior mechanical strength Non-asbestos inorganic fibres
Semi Metallic and Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are a semi-metallic gasket consisting of a V-shaped thin metallic band plate and a non-metallic cushioning material. Capable of being used even under high temperatures and pressures and offering outstanding sealing performance, the gaskets are used in piping and equipment in a wide range of fields including oil refining, petrochemicals, power generation, and LNG terminals.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Filler Data Sheet
1891 Kammprofile gasket PTFE/Expanded grahite clad By customer request
1891-NM NM Kammprofile gasket Kammprofile gasket with NM sheet NM sheet
1834R-GR GRASEAL™ Vortex™ ~ 450°C Expanded graphite
9090-IOR NAFLON™ Vortex™ Chemical resistance PTFE
1834R-NA NA Vortex™ ~ 350°C Non-asbestos paper
1836R-GS, -GM, -GH series Vortex™ ~ 800°C Mica & expanded graphite
1839R GRASEAL™ Vortex™-L Cryogenic - Stainless flanges Expanded graphite
1839R-AL GRASEAL™ Vortex™ -AL Cryogenic - Aluminium flanges Expanded graphite
1841, 1861 Metal jacketed gasket Metal jacket/corrugated By customer request
1838R-NM Vortex™ -NM ~ 1000°C NICHIAS developed original
Metal Gaskets

Our Metal gaskets have been developed for high-temperature/pressure applications where soft gaskets cannot be used or for applications requiring extreme sealing performance. Gaskets made from mild steel, pure iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, special alloys, etc. can be selected to suit the individual application.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
1850-P Metal gasket Flat sheet gasket
1850-V Oval ring gasket Ring Type Joints
1850-C Octagonal ring gasket Ring Type Joints
9200 Metal o-seal Available with PTFE/silver coating
Graphite Sheet Gasket

Expanded graphite (GRASEAL™) is produced by subjecting natural high-purity graphite crystal to chemical and heat treatments. It offers outstanding heat resistance, chemical resistance, and flexibility with little creep.

Available in sheet and cut gasket. For specific sizes please refer to the brochure.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
1200 GRASEAL™ gasket Expanded graphite sheet
1210-A GRASEAL™ gasket MI-A Tanged Insert 316 steel
1215 GRASEAL™ gasket PM-A Inserted flat 316 steel
PTFE-based Gaskets

PTFE-based gaskets are used in various industries including fine chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and semiconductors for their outstanding chemical resistance and anti-staining property.

Available in sheet and cut gasket. For specific sizes please refer to the brochure.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
1133 CLINSIL™ Clean PTFE + alumina filler
9007 NAFLON™ PTFE Gasket PTFE & carbon/silica filler
9010-NA NAFLON™ PTFE Enveloped Gasket PTFE
9096 Nichias Soft Seal™ Expanded PTFE
Cloth Type Gasket

The gasket has a rubber compound applied to its woven fabric, and is suitable for large-diameter or distorted flanges or where a high tightening surface pressure is not feasible.

Sizes by customer request. Please refer to our brochure.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
1364 Tape Glass fibre cloth
1374 NA Manhole Glass fibre cloth
1400 Manhole Ceramic fibre & SUS wire
Rubber-based Gaskets

This gasket offers stable sealing performance even with a low surface pressure because of the elasticity, resilience, and conformability of its rubber.

Please enquire about sizes on

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
1050 Rubber Cut Basic gasket
1051 Rubber Cut Reinforced Polyester reinforcement layer
9013-EP EBILON™ Solid Rubber General use
9013 EBILON™ PTFE EPDM covered with PTFE (eg. Electrolysis application)
9014-A Saniclean™ A Sanitary gasket for screw couplings
9014-B Saniclean™ B Sanitary gasket for ferrules