Semiconductor Production Facilities

Semiconductor Production Facilities


These tubes are used to transport high-purity chemicals and gases in various production systems and equipment in semiconductor and FPD production facilities. The tubes feed the chemicals from the tank to the point of use.

NAFLON™ PTFE Wafer Carrier

Carrier for water treatment and transportation in cleaning equipment for semiconductor productions

9500-M, 9500-H NAFLON™ PFTE Sink

Chemical solution tank used for cleaning wafers in cleaning equipment for semiconductor and FPD production. Since the tank is moulded from PTFE, it is perfect for storing high-purity chemicals and waste liquids.

2675-A Rubber O-Ring BLAZER™ O-Ring A

Rubber O-rings for wet processes used in cleaning equipment, coaters and developers (coating, development equipment), wet etching systems, filters and other applications. With high chemical resistance and low metal elution to chemical liquids, these O-rings are commonly used as sealing materials in chemical liquid lines.

NAFLON™ Tank Lining

Fluoropolymer lined tanks for storing chemicals used in semiconductor production. The contact surface inside thet ank is covered with fluoropolymer to maintain the purity of the chemical.


Detachable jacket type heater for heating and heat retention of semiconductor production equipment and pipes. It is used to prevent process gas from liquefying or exhaust gas from generating deposits.


Filters to remove minute amounts of chemical contamination in semiconductor production processes. Three types of filters are available for removing ammonia, acidic, and organic gases.


This unit concentrates the low concentrations of organic solvents discharged from semiconductor production equipment, TFT-LCD production. By combining SOLVENTCLEAN™ with the treatment equipment of various systems, air conditioning VOCs can be cleaned efficiently.