Fluoropolymer Products

NICHIAS’ fluoropolymer products, manufactured from clean raw material powder with full traceability, satisfy industries’ critical requirements for corrosion and contamination prevention.

Contamination prevention has an immense impact in any industry that cares to avoid adulteration by aggressive chemicals used for example in the food and beverage industry to clean the pipework in between different productions. Other industries such as semiconductor, medical, chemical and more, that use highly intrusive substances need products that can help them minimize the risks, downtime for maintenance and costs whilst protecting quality.

With different applications, different materials become crucial to prevent complications. Our precision machined products are available in a wide variety – PTFE, PFA, PCTFE and PVDF. All manufactured to order by series of methods not exclusive to injection moulding, vacuum forming and even heat bonding. There is a choice from tubing, mechanical parts, gaskets to the corrosion-resistant lining.

For full visibility in your system, contamination risks eliminated and reliability assured, NICHIAS can help you select the right product for you.

Sheets / Rods / Tape / Pipes / Chemical wares

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Fluoropolymer containers / Processed and molded products / Sliding materials / NAFLON Hoses

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Pipes, valves, tanks and accessories / Roto linings / Coatings

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