Foods & Beverage

Foods & Beverage

NAFLON™ PTFE Super Pliable Hose

This product consists of a PTFE pliable hose reinforced with a wire braid around the outer surface. It can withstand high-temperature, high-pressure environments and is used for hoses for transferring materials from a delivery vehicle to a storage tank.

NAFLON™ Tank Lining

This lining provides excellent heat and chemical resistance. It is also a highly pure material since additives such as plasticizer or thermal stablizer are not used in the moulding process.

NAFLON™ Straight Hose for Sanitary Applications

the CIP washing system (automatic washing system using acidic or alkaline liquid that alllows safe and easy operation without the need for disassembly of production equipment) is used in beverage filling lines. the fluoropolymer hose, which has high resistance to chemicals, is used for the hoses for feeding the washing liquid from the CIP tank.

9014 SANICLEAN™ Gasket

A sanitary use rubber gasket with the added protection of PTFE film. Since the surfaces that come into contact with liquid are entirely covered with PTFE, the gasket is highly resistant to chemicals and contaminants. Thanks to the anti-flavouring properties, which are stronger than those of rubber, washing time when changing flavours can be reduced. This gasket is mainly used in product filling lines.

NAFLON™ PTFE Smooth Pliable Hose

This hose is made from a NAFLON™ BT tube with a spiral formed on the outside. Due to its smooth inside surface, stagnation of liquid is minimized. In addition, its small bending radius allows installation in confined spaces.


Mainly made of glass fiber. Due to its excellent waterproofing performance and flexibility, this reusable insulation material can be applied to insulation material can be applied to complex saped equipment. The detachable material allows easy maintenance while achieving energy saving in the plant. It is mainly used as insulation material for valves in utility lines.

6462 ASLUX™ 200K

The base material of the non-flammable board is a calcium silicate panel, the surface of which undergoes a special treatment and sanding, and then is coated with antibacterial acrylic urethane resin. Because this is an antibacterial type board, it is used for the inner walls in food plants where antibacterial properties are required.