Waste Incineration Plants

Waste Incineration Plants


Calcium silicate heat insulation material used for various piping and ducts. Since it is easy to install, and has high mechanical strength and water resistance. It is used as backup material inside the main units of furnaces.

Manhole Gasket

Cloth gaskets used for large diameter flanges and manholes for exhaust gas and hot blasts. They are suitable for large diameter distorted flanges to which high seating stress cannot be applied, and are also suitable for applications in high temperature, low pressure conditions, such as in the exhaust gas port of a furnace


A non-metallic expansion joint used in smoke airways in various piping and duct systems. this product absorbs the expansion and contraction movements of objects such as large diameter duct piping due to thermal expansion or vibration.

Refractory Lining Work
Thermal Insulation Work

Refractory lining work on furnaces using un-shaped refractory and refractory bricks.
Installing thermal insulation material to piping and ducts using rockwool heat insulation material and calcium silicate heat insulation material

TOMBO™ Fire-resistant Caster

Castable refractory for protecting iron plates and refractory bricks in boilers from acid gases and heat. In addition to its excellent heat resistance, it is easy to apply to various forms of furnace walls using sprays or trowels.


Heat insulation material made of rock wool used for thermal insulation and noise reduction in ducts and as a backup for ceramic fibre furnace materials. It is also used for acoustic insulation and heat insulation of boilers, ducts, dust collectors etc.


Reusable heat insulation material for piping, valves, boilers, etc. It provides insulation against heat from the piping.