Chemical, Petroleum Refinery & Petrochemical

Chemical, Petroleum Refinery & Petrochemical

1804 GRASEAL™ Gasket (MI-A)

This is an expanded graphite gasket used in various industries for piping flanges, heat exchangers, valve bonnet etc. With excellent heat and chemical resistance, it is suitable for high-temperature and low-pressure conditions such as for refined plastics materials.


Calcium silicate heat insulation material used for various types of piping and ducts. Since it is easy to install and has high mechanical strength and water resistance, it is used as heat insulation material at high temperatures up to a high heat resistance of 1000ºC

1809 GRASEAL™ Vortex™ Gasket

A spiral wound gasket with expanded graphite tape filler, used for flanges, valves and other equipment in various types of piping. Suitable for use with high temperature, high pressure steam and naphtha and low temperature fluids such as liquefied ethylane.


Castable refractory made of magnetic material used for the inside of stacks and ducts. The material has high resistance to acid and water and protects steel stacks from acidic gas and heat


Heat insulation material used to line existing furnace walls. Ceramic fiber blankets are cut to a specified width and bonded, laminated and joined with a special bracket. It is easy to install on the ceiling and walls of a furnace and has excellent stability at high temperatures: thus it is used for steel heating furnaces and heat treating furnaces.

1133 CLINSIL™ Clean

A Fluoropolymer gasket used for petrochemical products, organic solvents, hot oil, heat media gas, steam etc. It is highly resistant to chemicals and can be used in both acidic and alkaline environments.

MG Wired Blanket™

Heat insulation material made of rock wool used for equipment and tanks in various industries and in the ducts of air conditioning systems. Thanks to its excellent workability it can be easily applied to complex and curved surfaces.

9999-NA NA Bellow-Q™

A non-metallic expansion joint used in smoke airways in various piping and duct systems. this product absorbs the expansion and contraction movements of objects such as large-diameter duct piping due to thermal expansion or vibration.

e'-AIM™ (eco-Advanced Insulation Method)

A method of restoring thermal insulation performance by winding insulation material over the degraded insulation material without removing it.