Automobiles Interactive Part 1

Automobiles Interactive Part 1


This metal gasket is sandwiched between the cylinder head, which is the heart of the engine, and the engine block in order to seal off combustion gas, coolant and lubrication oil. The gasket material is stainless steel sheet coated with high-heat-resistant rubber.
It contains no environmentally hazardous substances and has excellent sealing performance and endurance

8700 N-Flex Tube
8710-H N-Flex Tube HI

Heat insulation tubes with excellent elasticity and flexibility. Ideal for covering cables and rubber hoses in the engine compartment to protect them from heat damage. they can be combined with heat insulation paper, aluminium foil, glass cloth etc., according to the application and can be used under a wide range of conditions.


Sound insulating cover featuring a lightweight design and excellent acoustic performance using unique nonwoven fabric sheathing. This cover is produced by laminating and casting a sound-absorbing PET felt layer to a specially treated nonwoven fabric with outstanding sound-insulating properties.

1608 METAFOAM™ Vibration Floating Gasket

This gasket is used at the air intake of an engine, providing not only a sealing function but also insulation against engine vibration. The gasket material is metal plate coated with foam rubber.

1850E Metal Gasket

An engine exhaust gasket that provides excellent sealing performance for high-temperature combustion gas. It is structured with layers of stainless steel sheets.


A spiral wound gasket for exhaust pipes, made with alternating layers of thin stainless steel sheet and soft paper. It's excellent heat resistance and conformity prevents exhaust gas from leaking.