Nuclear Power Plants

The extreme process conditions in Nuclear Power Plants has demanded the use of NICHIAS product technologies.

NICHIAS supplies Wall penetration part sealing materials which are used on walls and floors through which piping and cabling pass - as it has excellent air tightness, water tightnesss and radiation resistance, to  metallic heat insulation with lead which is used as a heat insulation material for applications requiring radiation shielding performance as in equipment and piping inside the reactor containment vessel (lead sheets are combined with the metal heat insulation materials),  to metallic heat insulation materials used for the pressure container of nuclear reactors in re-circulation equipment, to specialist bellows (flexible expansion joints made of special rubber materials) which are used to seal the clearance between the pipes penetrating buildings, walls and floors and the pipe holes in a nuclear power plant, to specialist gaskets proven in use in the nuclear industry, to re-usable flexible heat insulation materials for the insulation of piping, valves, flanges, etc where the insulation material needs to be able to be removed during plant inspection and maintenance.

Interactive Drawings

View our interactive drawing to see which NICHIAS products are used in Nuclear Power Plants.

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