Thermal Power Plants

A variety of NICHIAS product solutions are deployed in a Thermal Power Plant.

NICHIAS supplies multiple thermal insulation materials ranging from rock wool used as thermal and acoustic insulation in ducts boilers and dust collectors, to calcium silicate thermal insulation materials used for various piping and ducts since it is easy to install and has high mechanical strength and water resistance to castable refractories used for protecting iron plates and refractory bricks in boilers from acidic gases and heat, to re-usable flexible heat insulation materials for the insulation of piping, valves, flanges, etc where the insulation material needs to be able to be removed during plant inspection and maintenance, to specialist gaskets used as sealing materials for piping flanges, valves and equipment both of high temperature and pressure duty but also low temperature and pressure duty, to high damping sheets (Metalamine™) which is an exterior pipe acoustic insulation sheet used on the smoke paths, airways, electric dust collectors, etc of a thermal power plant to reduce noise and vibration generated.

Interactive Drawings

View our interactive drawing to see which NICHIAS products are used in thermal Power Plants.

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