Aluminium Casting & Processing

Aluminium is moulded and processed into products in a variety of forms through the processes from melting, transferring, holding to casting, etc. Insulation products manufactured by NICHIAS for molten aluminium feature non-wetting and low erosion performance, excellent thermal insulating properties and long service life. They are used as machined or cast components directly coming into contact with molten aluminium in every stage of processing. They contribute to secure high-quality aluminium products and consistency in quality as well as to improve productivity, efficiency of casting work and energy consumption.

Product solutions supplied by NICHIAS vary from cloth gaskets used after being treated with a rubber compound to seal distorted flanges and furnace cover flanges to which high seating stress cannot be applied, to moulded shapes for the molten aluminium vessels, to heat insulation boards (zonolite-based calcium silicate) used as launders, floats and other parts that come into direct contact with  molten aluminium alloys, to calcium silicate thermal insulation materials which are able to withstand temperatures of up to 1000C and used as auxiliary insulation material for molten aluminium vessels, to high temperature packings used in furnace covers to seal the furnace.

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