Fiber Products

Rock Wool

MG products (made of rock wool) are light and highly flexible, thus offering outstanding handling and workability. They also have high heat retention and insulation, and good sound absorption properties, and so are widely used in buildings and industrial equipment and apparatus.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Application Data Sheet
- MG Series Available in board, belt, pipe and other shapes Residential, industrial N/A
Alumina Fiber

Alumina is an aluminum oxide, offering outstanding heat resistance, chemical resistance, and strength. It is crystallized and turned into a product by high-temperature treatment.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Max Temperature Size (mm) Data Sheet
5461 RF Board Furnace lining material 1600/1700/1800°C 25/40/50 x 600 x 900 N/A

Made from amorphous fibres, alkaline earth silicate (=AES) products exhibit low thermal conductivity, low bio-persistence and low linear shrinkage. NICHIAS leveraged those advantages in products such as AES paper for general purpose insulation to AES cast used in heating furnaces. We call this product range - FINEFLEX BIO™.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Available as Data Sheet
5605 Bulk AES, ceilings and walls insulating material 10kg Polyethylene bag
5615 Blanket AES, formed by layers of FINEFLEX BIO™ Bulk Refer to Data Sheet
5625 Board AES, kiln ceiling and walls lightweight lining/backup material 25/50 x 600 x 900 mm
5635 Paper AES, interior kiln expansion joint filling material Refer to Data Sheet
5645 Mold AES, compact electric furnace insulation Made to order
5645-PH Molded panel heater AES insulation panel with built-in heater Made to order N/A
5655 Block AES, lining material for industrial iron/steel furnaces 300 x 300 x 300 mm
5675 Fibercast AES, soft kneaded material used for repairs 2/15/20kg
5685 Textile AES, available as cloth, tape, cord, twisted rope or braided rope Type dependent

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