Heat Insulation Board

Industrial Equipment

As a heat-insulation board offering both heat resistance and load resistance, the heat-insulation board for industrial equipment can be used in hot press machines and induction heating furnaces.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Max Temperature Sizes (mm) Data Sheet
6840 HEMISUL™ Use in precision devices and industrial machines 500°C 5-75 x 900 x 1210
6850 NEOARK™ Designed for severe conditions (eg automotive ark shooter material) 1000°C 3-40 x 400 x 500
Molten Aluminum

Asbestos-free thermal insulation materials that offer outstanding non-wettability, heat insulation, and durability. It is prefered by molten aluminium industry during aluminium molding and processing.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Max Temperature Available as Data Sheet
4720 LUMIBOARD™ Thermal insulation board for trasnfer, casting and holding 1000°C 12.7-28.5 x 1260 x 2550 mm
4722-A LUMICAST™-A Castable thermal insulation 1000°C 15kg/can
4723 LUMISUL™ LD Molded and sintered shapes for aluminum vessel inner linining 1000°C Made to order
General purpose

The general-purpose heat-insulation board consists of an inorganic material and a small amount of inorganic or organic binder, suitable for applications in backup materials for heat-resisting bricks and combustion gas seals. Also has a unique quality of expanding when exposed to heat.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Max Temperature Sizes (mm) Data Sheet
6760 VERMOFLEX™ Heat-expandable, fire-resistant sheet 800°C 2, 3, 4 x 1000 x 1000