Processed Products

Fluoropolymer containers

Fluoropolymer containers for storing and conveying high-purity chemicals, semiconductor etching tanks, and cleaning tanks in semiconductor fabricating processes.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
9500-M, 9500-H NAFLON™PTFE sink PTFE
9947 NAFLON™PFA Roto molded container PFA
Processed and molded products

Fluoropolymers and various types of super-engineering plastics that are welded, machined, injection-molded, or fused using state-of-the-art techniques to produce parts for semiconductor and liquid crystal fabricating equipment, pumps and valves.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
9020 NAFLON™machined product PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PCTFE,...
9021 NAFLON™injection molded product PFA, ETFE, PVDF, PPS, PEEK, PEI, PES, PBI
9023 NAFLON™welded product PTFE, PFA, PVDF
Sliding materials

Fluoropolymers, particularly PTFE, are used in various applications, such as for bearing sealing materials, thanks to their outstanding low-friction and self-lubricating properties. Types with improved wear resistance and mechanical strength are also available, which are produced by adding various fillers.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
9550, 9551 EXCELIDE PTFE/PPS bearing N/A

NAFLON hoses consist of a NAFLON inner hose made of an excellent heat- and chemical-resistant fluoropolymer. These products can be further modified to meet the requirements of particular applications by reinforcing the outside of the tube with protective stainless steel wire braiding and fitting designated metal or flared connections. The main applications are joints in piping systems for steam, oil (especially nonflammable oil), gases, chemicals and foods.

Available in PTFE and PFA for joint/flange/ferrule connections and more.

More details in the brochure below.

TOMBO No Product Name Description Data Sheet
9066-AS Anti-Static pressure resistant hose NAFLON PFA tube insie
9065-SPL Smooth pliable hose Smooth inside surface

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