Automobiles Interactive Part 2

Automobiles Interactive Part 2

Water Jacket Spacer

This product is inserted into the water jacket of an engine. It controls this flow of the cylinder wall and reduces friction between the piston and the cylinder. The spacer is made of resin which improves fuel consumption.


High performance gasket with excellent resistance to cooling medium and refrigerator oil, used in compressors for air conditioners. The gasket material is metal sheet coated with specially formulated NBR.


These sliding parts, made of multifunctional resin are used in equipment such as compressors, ATs and ABSs. Because of their high heat resistance and superior friction and wear resistance and properties, they are mainly used in parts (such as between a piston and cylinder) where both sliding and seal performance is required.


A metal cover that insulates against heat from the exhaust manifold. the combination of high-performance heat insulation materials and heat-resistant damping materials makes it extremely effective against noise and vibration.

1612 METAPLUS™ Multi-Layer Shim

An anti-squeal brake shim attached to the pad of a disc brake. The shim is made of laminated layers of rubber, metal and special adhesive to deliver an excellent vibration damping effect, along with high heat resistance and compression resistance properties.