Thermal Power Plants

Thermal Power Plants


A pipe acoustic insulation exterior sheet used on the smoke paths, airways, electric dust collectors etc. of thermal power plant. It has excellent acoustic insulation effects due to its multi-layer structure of metal and rubber. It is easy to work with and durable as an exterior sheet for piping, reducing the noise and vibration generated by smoke paths and airways.


A spiral wound gasket with expanded graphite tape filter, used for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves and other equipment in a nuclear power plant. This gasket is suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure steam or fluid such as heavy oil and naphtha as well as for low temperature fluid such as LNG.


Non asbestos joint sheet used as sealing material for piping flanges, valves and equipment. it is used for gaskets to prevent leakage of low temperature, low pressure water, oil, other fluids and air.

TOMBO™ Fire-Resistant Caster

Castable refractory for protecting iron plates and refractory bricks in boilers from acid gases and heat. in addition to its excellent heat resistance, it is easy to apply to various forms of furnace walls using sprays or trowels


Ceramic fiber material used for general high-temperature heat insulation and as a heat insulation material on the ceiling and walls of kilns. It si also used as heat insulation material on high-temperature exhaust ducts.


Heat insulation material made of rock wool used for thermal insulation, noise reduction in ducts and as backup material for ceramic fiber furnaces. It is also used for acoustic insulation and heat insulation of boilers, ducts, dust collectors etc.


A non-metallic expansion joint used to smoke airways in various piping and duct systems. This product absorbs the expansion and contraction movement of such as large-diameter duct piping caused by thermal expansion or vibration.


Calcium silicate heat insulation material used for various piping and ducts. Since it is easy to install, and has high mechanical strength and water resistance, it is used as heat insulation material at high temperatures, up to a high heat resistance of 1000ºC


Reusable heat insulation material with excellent heat insulating properties, used for valves, flanges, turbines, pumps, boilers etc. A waterproof type is also available for outdoor use.

e'-AIM™ (eco-Advanced Insulation Method)

A method of restoring thermal insulation performance by winding insulation material over the degraded insulation material without removing it.